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A Pathway to Successful Hiring in Multicultural Markets

In the fast-paced world of business, companies often face unique challenges that demand quick and effective solutions. So, how can we overcome localization challenges and achieve remarkable success in multicultural placement?

Finding professionals who possess specific knowledge of different cultures, such as Argentina and Mexico, and are capable of producing relevant content may seem like a difficult task. However, this challenge becomes more manageable through conducting a detailed market analysis and acquiring extensive knowledge of the region. This process entails comprehending the competitive environment, understanding the demands of the job market, and identifying the essential skills required for the role at hand, all of which are crucial elements for Combine’s projects.

Furthermore, the company faced the pressure of swift hiring, recognizing that when they received the green light to hire new managers, they needed to act promptly and decisively. Typical hiring projects can take 20 to 40 days, but this particular one was accomplished in less than 10. In this blog post, we aim to share the journey of overcoming these obstacles and achieving remarkable success through our expertise.


  1. Understanding the Localization Challenge
    Despite some similarities, these two countries have significant differences when it comes to the main objectives of the client, a Content Writer with strong knowledge of the region’s cultural nuances, language preferences, and consumer behavior. The company’s approach starts with an extensive understanding of the vacancy and the client’s needs. Our dedicated team, highly experienced in the region, uses advanced data analytics. This approach allows us to find candidates more accurately and in less time.With a wide network of contacts and access to exclusive resources, the company is prepared to identify the right talent, even in highly competitive markets.
  2. Agile Hiring Process
    Understanding the critical timeline, Combine’s efficient hiring process enabled our team to find suitable candidates with the required skills and societal compatibility, ensuring a seamless transition into the marketing agency.
    To achieve fast and efficient results, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the vacancy in its entirety. For this purpose, the application process was carried out in collaboration with the agency, an aspect that Combine considers fundamental to achieving more positive and assertive results. This joint approach allows us to optimize the hiring process, ensuring that the right candidates are selected quickly and effectively.
  3. Win-win situation
    In a win-win situation, the company managed to reduce the recruiting time by over 50% (fifty percent), thanks to the global hiring strategy. This approach enabled them to find highly qualified candidates in the market, benefiting both the company and its candidates. Additionally, these professionals have the opportunity to receive salaries 3 to 4 times higher than the local average, which represents a great opportunity for growth and career development. On the other hand, the company also benefits by cutting its costs by 60% (sixty percent). Global hiring allows them to tap into talent in different regions, where salaries may be more competitive compared to the local market. This cost reduction can result in significant savings for the company, improving its profitability and operational efficiency.

Combine successfully overcame complex challenges by recognizing the importance of localization, effectively addressing obstacles about content production, executing a fast-paced hiring process, and leveraging their experience in multicultural placement. Their steadfast dedication and exceptional results underscored the priceless value of achieving success within a tight deadline

At Combine Global Recruitment, we specialize in connecting companies with top talent from around the world.

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