Making job opportunities universally accessible

Our mission is to create a world where people have access to the right opportunities to thrive. That starts by helping companies find and hire the best talent anywhere in the world.

We understand the challenges companies face when trying to expand their workforce internationally, and we strive to make the hiring process seamless and efficient, no matter where.

Join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the global landscape and build meaningful connections witht talent worldwide. Together, we are shaping the future of recruitment and creating a world where talent knows no boundaries.


Our vision is to provide companies the necessary guidance to navigate the complexities of hiring abroad. At Combine, our team of experience recruiters help enterprises and start up companies understand the nuances of targeted markets, ensuring they have the data to make the best informed decision at each hire.

We believe that when the recruitment process is done right — respecting the intricacies of each candidate, each company and each market — people find professional fulfillment, companies succeed and economies grow.

From creating market-specific job ads to managing top talent shortlist, we offer recruitment solutions that helps companies and candidates save on time and effort. Whether you are a business looking to grow or a job seeker aiming for your next opportunity, we are here to help.


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How You Can Count On Us

Access to Global Talent

We provide access to a diverse pool of talent around the world. By expanding the search beyond local boundaries, companies tap into a rich network of qualified candidates who contribute their unique skills and perspectives to the expansion of the enterprise.

Supporting job Seekers

We firmly believe that talent is everywhere and that they should have equal access to opportunities. At Combine, we ensure that job seekers, regardless of their location, have an entree to the global job market. We strive to create a level playing field and eliminate geographic barriers that may exist in conventional hiring processes.

Networking Opportunities

We pride ourselves on our robust network of talent from across the globe. We trust the power of diversity and the unique perspectives it brings to the business table. With a team that spans continents, languages, and cultures, your company has the best assets to provide solutions to global customers.

Partnership beyond the post

We are not a job advertisement agency. We are your partner in global recruitment. From market mapping to post-placement, we provide resources to navigate the ever-changing job market and tools to help enhance the hiring experience so companies can actually look forward to their next hire.

Who Makes things happen

Luiz Paulo Dias

Founder & CEO

Henry Novaes

Co-Founder & Investor

Charles Lima

Co-Founder & Investor

Marcela Alday

Co-founder and Head of Global Recruitment

Where to find us

New York

📍287 Park Ave S. 2nd Floor, New York – NY 1001

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