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We are your extended HR partner, empowering your business through strategy, support, and collaboration for informed decision-making.

360° International Recruitment Management is a solution designed to address every challenge of international recruitment from emerging markets, planned from start to finish.

Your company will have access to a dedicated team of recruitment specialists to develop overseas recruitment strategies that are uniquely tailored to your business, featuring real-time reports and frequent updates.

We handle every aspect of your selection process so you can focus on what your company does best.

Maximize your operational flexibility and tap into global talent pools without the complexities of international employment laws and payroll management. Combine’s Global Workforce Outsourcing is your strategic HR extension, enabling seamless hiring and management of talent worldwide.

Combine’s Global Workforce Outsourcing acts as your HR extension, facilitating easy hiring and management of talent worldwide. Our streamlined service covers the entire employment process, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and satisfaction. Customized for your business needs, let us manage global workforce intricacies while you concentrate on your core strategies. From individual hires to building international teams, Combine equips your company to excel globally

A solution crafted for companies who have a high demand for candidates but also want to prioritize a fast hiring process.

We assign recruiters to actively validate the abilities of overseas tech talent seeking international remote jobs, and build a pipeline of pre-vetted candidates in anticipation of your company’s future hiring needs.

Want to hire talent from overseas but don’t know where to start? Our market mapping solution is for you.

Market mapping provides a dynamic and in-depth analysis of business and talent opportunities in target markets, allowing your company to mitigate risks and make more informed decisions.

A specialized solution to meet the needs of startups and enterprise companies who are interested in hiring executives from emerging markets.

More than just providing a shortlist of potential candidates, our recruitment specialists provide a comprehensive market analysis, highlighting challenges and opportunities in the global landscape— all to help you optimize your executive talent recruitment and expansion processes.

Optimize Talent Value

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$ 150k

$ 50k

$ 200k

$ 50k

$ 30k

$ 80k


$ 120k


$ 150k

$ 50k

$ 50k

$ 30k

$ 200k

$ 80k

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$ 120k

*Estimation are based on information from Combine data

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We recruited over 300 executive and tech professionals, serving the needs of more than 200 clients spanning across 70 countries.

"Combine's team understood how to market Glorify well so we could get the best candidates. When looking for a recruiter, find someone who will really take the time to understand all the niche parts of your business."

Harriet Downing Senior Operations Manager at Glorify

"They got into the core of the business for the final objective, which helped be assertive and fast.


Ana Cinquepalmi Regional Head of People at Nowports

"Combine truly has a process.
They have KPI's and they bring ideas to the table to show what they are doing
. That was also something interesting to see for sure."

Nicolas de Paul Managing Director at Product Minds

"I highly recommend Combine for their partnership, accuracy, and flexibility in meeting our needs[…] They have consistently demonstrated great flexibility in understanding and promptly meeting our demands."

Caroline Machado Talent Acquisition Coordinator, at Grupo Boticário

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