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International hiring: essential steps for an optimized process

International hiring shares many similarities with local recruitment processes. The primary objective for both is to identify and secure the most suitable candidate for the role. However, many companies tend to overcomplicate this task unnecessarily, more so when they are tapping into foreign markets. Some managers view the difficulty of the hiring process as a badge of honor, as if the more arduous the process, the better their organization. Such an approach can be counterproductive, discouraging qualified candidates from applying and ultimately hindering the company’s growth. 

Unsurprisingly, seasoned professionals see right through it. They are likely to opt out in the middle of the process, or they don’t even answer to a recruiter’s approach. That’s because great candidates have a lot more to do. This article will discuss how companies can streamline their recruitment process while still finding the best possible candidate for the job. Here we will cover the basics that, when done right, will significantly increase the chances of impressing the right candidate.

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Communicate the recruitment plan

Many companies overlook even the most fundamental steps of the recruitment process. One such critical aspect is providing candidates with a clear timeline and a transparent outline of the process. By doing so, companies demonstrate that they have a thoughtful strategy in place and, more importantly, that they value the candidate’s time. Neglecting this aspect can result in frustration, confusion, and even the loss of top talent. 

“One of the most common mistakes I see companies making in recruitment is inadequate or lacking communication. When candidates enter the process, they want to understand promptly what’s expected of them, even to keep their own expectations checked. It’s important to communicate each step clearly, as great candidates are probably juggling many interviews simultaneously. A lack of communication can quickly derail their interest in the role,” said Denis Cabrera Carrer, head of international corporate recruitment at Combine.


Have an intention behind each step

After overseeing hundreds of national and international hiring processes, Carrer, a seasoned recruiter with over ten years of professional experience in human resources, talent acquisition, and development, affirms that the intention behind each step matters more than ever. When candidates question the stages of the company’s hiring journey, there is a likelihood that they may not invest the necessary effort to complete each step; even worse, they may conclude those tests aren’t representative of their professional abilities. Additionally, the recruitment process serves as a window into your organization’s culture and values, so a poorly designed or executed process sends the wrong message to potential candidates. 

“It’s a two-way street. How an assessment is conducted is more important than a specific step. Candidates also assess the company during the recruitment process to determine if it’s the right fit for them. Whether you have a streamlined and fast-paced process or a more in-depth and rigorous one, it’s crucial to present the company in a positive light, so the right candidate can see themselves committing to your organization”, concludes Carrer.


Don’t cast aside additional help

A fresh set of eyes brings innovative ideas to the table. Over time, working within a particular industry or company can lead to complacency. When handling international hiring processes, seeking out diverse perspectives to challenge existing assumptions or rusty strategies is crucial. Companies often seek additional assistance in managing their recruitment process in foreign markets. This presents an unparalleled opportunity to audit the efficiency of their current tactics and frees up the busy hands of hiring managers, especially when faced with the unique challenges of a new market.

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