Latin American recruitment market drives up global interest

Global talent demand has forged the Latin American recruitment market into the hottest sourcing destination. In the aftermath of almost two years of economic uncertainty, technological advancement — stimulated by a record-setting year for venture capital investment — opened the doors for a new era in which talent and opportunities aren’t constricted to geographic boundaries. […]

How to hire Brazilian professionals

brazilian work

Technological advancement has challenged the geographic limitations which restricted talent to local markets. As remote work ascends to the new norm, companies across the globe are benefiting from hiring skilled professionals offshore. After all, talent is now available anywhere. This guide on how to hire Brazilian professionals intends to provide rich intel from seasoned recruiters […]

Remote work: the pros and cons of leaving the office

Remote work: the pros and cons of leaving the office

Remote work is here to stay, or at least some version of it. No one initially imagined that a health crisis would reshape the foundation of how we get the job done. But, with so much at stake at the time, businesses and professionals reinvented themselves in order to survive a disrupted economy. Almost two […]