Hiring Process 101: Are you losing talent?

The hiring process determines a company’s ability to access the best-fitting talent for its business’s challenges. It is a delicate balance. Oversimplified methods attract more candidates, which does not always translate into quality hires. Contrastingly, complex hiring processes, although sometimes more assertive, will discourage even the most qualified talent. The latest post in this blog, […]

The great resignation: what employers must do to retain talent

The great resignation. The great renegotiation. The great reshuffle or the great rethink. Regardless of the chosen name, the massive voluntary exodus of the workforce sounds an urgent alert to employers: professionals have had enough. Before the second decade of the twenty-first century, life revolved around work. The norm was long commutes, a stressful office […]

Remote work: the pros and cons of leaving the office

Remote work is here to stay, or at least some version of it. No one initially imagined that a health crisis would reshape the foundation of how we get the job done. But, with so much at stake at the time, businesses and professionals reinvented themselves in order to survive a disrupted economy. Almost two […]

Job interview in English: how to ace it and get hired

Job interview in English: how to ace it and get hired

A job interview can be a source of anxiety. If you are part of the workforce, you have been there. However, a job interview in English is a daunting new element to the demands, especially if you are a non-native speaker. As the global economy evolves, companies are opening their operations to new sources of […]

Hiring mistakes: here is what to avoid at your next hire

Hiring mistakes: here is what to avoid at your next hire

Hiring the right person for a position isn’t a simple process anymore. On the contrary, managers have a lot more information to consider before even drafting the job description. As a result of new complexities, hiring mistakes are on the rise. Not to mention that increased demand for technical skills and the mass exodus of […]

Getting hired: 4 ways to increase your chances of landing a dream job

Getting hired: 4 ways to increase your chances of landing a dream job

There was a time when the willingness to work would be enough to secure a job. During this period, calloused hands would be a strong enough statement of work ethics. Unfortunately, that time has long passed, and it has given place to a more complex and competitive employment market. In today’s reality, workers undergo an […]

9 Advantages of building a global team

9 advantages of building a global team.

  Before we discuss the 9 advantages of building a global team, I want to ask you a question. What sells more: a good product or a great seller? Some may conclude that a good product won’t even need a great seller, like water. Yet, without that thirst, which some call demand, bottles may not […]

Job Opportunities: how to spot and be ready for them

  Searching for job opportunities can be overwhelming. Whether you are pursuing a career transition or aiming for a new position, one thing is certain: it takes time and effort to land that perfect dream job. In the interest of facilitating the process, Combine Global Recruitment, in partnership with Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), a leading […]

Sourcing talent offshore: a look into Brazil’s potential

Sourcing talents offshore - a look into Brazil's potential

This article offers insights into how sourcing talent offshore can benefit professionals and businesses alike. While there is a tendency of portraying C-Level Executives as the sole face of a companies’ triumphs, long-term growth is a team sport. Yet, some businesses aren’t playing well. There is mounting evidence of burnt-out employees frustrated with their workplace […]

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