Beyond Silicon Valley: Emerging Global Tech Hubs

Hiring mistakes: here is what to avoid at your next hire

When we think of tech innovation, Silicon Valley often comes to mind first. But there’s a whole world out there bursting with tech talent and creativity. Let’s explore some of the lesser-known yet rapidly growing tech hubs across the globe. Bangalore, India: Known as the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore has over 7,000 startups and […]

Looking to Expand Your Tech Team in LATAM? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Sourcing talents offshore - a look into Brazil's potential

Looking to Expand Your Tech Team in LATAM? Here’s What You Need to Know! If you’re eyeing Latin America as a potential hub for tech talent, or if this dynamic region has yet to appear on your radar, you’re in for a discovery of immense potential and opportunities. Here are some key insights about the […]

Top 10 recruitment trends for 2024

1. Tailored AI in recruitment: Artificial Intelligence is moving beyond mere CV analysis. We are witnessing systems that learn from recruiters’ preferences, adapting to suggest candidates who are not only qualified but also align with the company’s culture and values. 2. Borderless recruitment: The concept of location is becoming obsolete. Leading companies are implementing talent […]

A Pathway to Successful Hiring in Multicultural Markets

In the fast-paced world of business, companies often face unique challenges that demand quick and effective solutions. So, how can we overcome localization challenges and achieve remarkable success in multicultural placement? Finding professionals who possess specific knowledge of different cultures, such as Argentina and Mexico, and are capable of producing relevant content may seem like […]

International hiring: essential steps for an optimized process

International hiring shares many similarities with local recruitment processes. The primary objective for both is to identify and secure the most suitable candidate for the role. However, many companies tend to overcomplicate this task unnecessarily, more so when they are tapping into foreign markets. Some managers view the difficulty of the hiring process as a […]

Hiring executives in Latam: Opportunities in a compact market

The global talent shortage drives companies across the board to seek workers in less competitive countries. For as long as hiring managers remember, this has been the reality for low-ranking positions. Every problem, however, carries in itself a new set of opportunities. And one has emerged. It lies in hiring executives abroad, especially in Latin […]

How to hire Brazilian professionals

Technological advancement has challenged the geographic limitations which restricted talent to local markets. As remote work ascends to the new norm, companies across the globe are benefiting from hiring skilled professionals offshore. After all, talent is now available anywhere. This guide on how to hire Brazilian professionals intends to provide rich intel from seasoned recruiters […]

Combining work and travel: the new chapter of remote work

Combining work and travel isn’t something new. Long before remote work became possible, people from all walks of life were ditching office cubicles for working models that allowed more freedom. They would venture from one new city to the following foreign country, pursuing knowledge, connection, and understanding of untried cultures. Still, bills – the perpetuity […]

Switching jobs? Here is what to consider to make the best decision

  Switching jobs is a familiar move in heated employment markets. With more vacant positions than skilled professionals, employees naturally consider any offer that improves their salary or enhances overall work satisfaction. This has been especially true in the aftermath of 2019, with two years of global uncertainty that shifted priorities. As a result, employees […]

Recruiting Culture: The key element for success

A company’s recruiting culture is the first doorway through which potential candidates peek at their overall organizational culture. More than ever, the company’s internal structure will determine its ability to attract and retain talent. And that includes the recruitment process. Think of it as an elementary part of branding. It either drives desire or repels […]

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